Our Core Values

Thank you for considering Le King David as your best choice for future residence. Le King David offers a fresh opportunity for our residents to live life to its fullest in a vibrant and friendly assisted living environment. Each of our residents enjoy the desired degree of independence, complemented with a measure of personalized care. All residents are encouraged to participate in social and recreational programs that enhance quality of life while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Our premises are well appointed, modern and comfortable; easily adapting to all the comforts of home . . . and so much more.

To provide a warm, caring and supportive environment; to do the best that we can to facilitate the day to day lives of all residents and to accommodate their needs.

Professionalism and quality of service
Each staff member receives ongoing training to provide an uncompromised degree of professional service and quality of care.

Independence and choice
We accommodate the most discerning residents by providing a constantly evolving array of social, educational and recreational programs all within a safe and attentive independent living environment.

Compassion and understanding
Our residents are considered as part of Le King David family and are treated with courtesy and compassion regardless of the degree of attention or care that each requires.

Honesty and integrity
Each resident deserves the utmost in consideration and should expect nothing less than absolute honesty and uncompromised integrity from management and staff.

Dignity and respect
We understand that each resident is unique in character and disposition. Regardless of the circumstances, residents are treated with dignity and respect according them the highest quality of life and peace of mind.

Traditional values
Le King David embraces traditional values regardless of the degree of observance maintained by each resident. The tradition of Le King David is to celebrate life whether through holiday observance, festival celebrations or monthly group birthday parties and we encourage our residents to celebrate the moment with cheer.

We customize services to meet the needs of each individual. Le King David staff is specifically trained to provide services in a timely, discreet and professional manner.

What you share with us is maintained within secure protocols and is never shared with others without prior consent. We respect the privacy concerns of our residents and their families and we do whatever possible to protect your trust.